Watabaran means environment

Watabaran Cards & Paper Creations is a Nepalese company that manufactures paper products from recycled paper. The company works in accordance with Fair Trade principles and social responsibility.

Watabarans vision

To create a company that makes a difference in the Nepalese society, the environment and our employees. As a company that works with social responsibility and fair trade, we want to encourage and inspire people of Nepal and our employees to think, choose and act in an environmentally and constructive manner to promote a sustainable society, both economically and environmentally and socially. Profitability combined with social and environmental responsibility makes this possible.

Benefits sickness and accident insurance, maternity leave, training, wage negotiations and the opportunity to influence their work situation is unusual in the impoverished Nepal. There it is rather commonplace not to have a contract of employment, the wages are not paid on time or they can be dismissed and go the same day.When it comes to the actual production tries Watabaran operate in an environmentally and sustainable way – which is not easy in a country where the environment is not a priority.

Hard work and strong values

The foundation of Watabaran is hard work and strong values. When the company started in 2001, no one even knew how to recovered paper. But we have learned that the will, creativity and hard work can get very far. Since then we have constantly developed attractive products and better methods, and today we are proud to be able to turn what was once waste into products that are used today in companies worldwide. All employees of the company know that their voice is heard and be counted and that their work is rewarded with good wages and job security which is not common in Nepal.

Watabarans basic values

Which means that by being part of the holding Watabaran

  • You have the right to express your opinions in a democratic decision-making
  • Safe & healthy working condition
  • Develop and we use environmentally sound practices in our production
  • We are proud of our craft – and always has quality and development as guiding principles
  • You can always ask for economic, technical or other support
  • Together, we create a cleaner environment in Kathmandu
  • We work by the motto that it is good to act without always waiting for permission
  • We always want to learn more.

Watabaran guarantees its employees:

  •  Nice salary to be negotiated each year
  • The right to join a trade union
  • A democratic approach- accident insurance
  • Maternity leave
  • Paid vacation
  • Permanent employment contracts and employment
  • Education


Watabaran working with craft - almost everything is handcrafted

Watabaran cooperates with the two sponsoring organizations Tuki Nepal Society, Sweden and tukee Nepal Samaj, Nepal .
They write books we donate to the school children in Nepal are distributed partly through these organizations.
Watabaran also working with the orphanage Early Childhood Development Centre , EDCD and some smaller fairtrade companies / organizations involved in Fair Trade Group Nepal.